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Moshiach noble name

Moshiach noble name
A universal message for the benefit of the inquiring mind ….To those probing for knowledge and truth.

In a vivid – simple and reverent fashioned ; in the world of illusion even stillness is deceptive.
It was written for Moshiach to await his time and to physically reveal himself. In the beginning it is the name of the Moshiach that was created. I have evidence and testimony of that name, the word “D E S T I N Y” is the last 7 letters of the name of the true Jewish Moshiach. May his name endure forever, may his name blossom before the sun.(Ps 72:17)
In that hour in which the Son of Man was named in the presence of the Lord of the spirits – And his name is head of days – Ere the sun and the signs were created, ere the stars of heaven were made, His name was named before the lord of spirits. (1 Enoch 48:2-3)

What is the name of king Moshiach? R. Abba bar Kahana said: LORD [Adonai] is his name , for it is written, I will raise unto David a righteous Shoot …..In his days Judah shall be saved … And this is the name whereby he shall be called: The LORD is our righteousness.(Jer. 23:5-6)
SHOOT (Tzemah)….MENAHEM( comforter)….YOETZ ( counselor) ….SHILOH….DAVID….ELIJAH…EL HAI….GIBBOR ( hero)…..And Avi Ad shalom [Eternal father of peace)

when the sun explodes in radiating form; the son inherits the mantle from the father.
Michel de Nostredame, later known as Nostradamus, was one of the leading lights of the late French Renaissance. A Jewish-French contemporary of Paracelsus.His parents was forced to convert to catholicism under pain of death.

Nostradamus and the Jewish Messiah:
He latinize his last name as:
Nostradamus – Q IX 45 Great Mendosus/Mondesus will attain his Empire...
Nostradamus – Q IX 50 MONDESUS will soon come to his great reign...

Edgard Caycy came up with his first name as Jhon for english and Jean for french; who is Emanuel.

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tocsin said...

Knock Knock!

You present many interesting points on this page.

“Why is Moshiach concealed and hidden among the gentiles? Could it have been the Holocaust...”

The Holocaust (an attempt to exterminate the house of Dawid) is a factor of the Moshiach being concealed among the gentiles. It is also the reason the Moshiach resurrects from the dead: He was born a Catholic (spiritually dead).

“…his love for the people in the Christian community will never be extinguished.”


“Lack of knowledge from the chosen people prevents Moshiach from making his appearance”.

The biggest problem is everyone is so defensive about their interpretations they fail to see and hear what Moshiach has been trying to explain.

Are you open to reevaluate what you have been taught? If not, you are not ready for the coming of Moshiach!

Here's an example. I have studied many debates between Jews and Christians about the claimed fulfillment of Jesus being born of a Virgin. Most of these debates are about the word “Virgin,” (as you will come to recognize) this is a waste of time! Then the debates are usually followed up by the Jews claiming it is not even a Moshiach prophecy. I understand that Jews know Jesus is not the Moshiach and feel claiming this is not even a Moshiach prophecy helps them establish this point. Jews will come to understand that Jesus had knowledge of the Moshiach prophecies and was presented as physically fulfilling them.

What if the virgin birth is a Moshiach prophecy which proves Jesus cannot be the Moshiach? Would you then be open to reevaluate what you have been taught?

Let’s see!

The site listed below has an EXANIMATION of Isaiah 7:11-14 (this section is how it would be presented to Catholics).